Who  We  Are
"WHO ARE WE ?  ....   We are people who love pets."
Everyone connected with Precious Paws, including the Board Of Directors, is a volunteer.
No one with Precious Paws is a paid employee. 

Precious Paws was established in October 2003 by Georgyne La Lone. 

We are a California State & Federally Incorporated 501(c)3 Non-Profit Rescue Organization.
Our Federal ID Number is 03-0455334

A Quick Message From The Directors
"Precious Paws has accomplished much in our first years, but this is only the beginning for us!  
We want to be able to do much much more.  
We have been blessed with very good friends who have contributed greatly in many ways to us.  
We would like to thank them ever so sincerely.   We owe them a great deal.  
On behalf of our rescues, we are pleased that you care about the
other creatures who share this Earth with us!"

Info Updated June 2015

GEORGYNE LALONE - Founder/President

While working at Paramount Studios, Georgyne was approached by a friend to help her find a home for a cat she found living in her carport right after the 1994 earthquake. The friend had exhausted all resources trying to find the cat’s owner. At that time Georgyne was handling Patrick Stewart’s travel arrangements as he was working on Star Trek: The Next Generation. During a conversation right before the earthquake, Patrick had mentioned that he wanted a cat. Remembering that, Georgyne contacted Patrick and said she had a cat for him and he just had to have her! It was love at first site, and Patrick adopted Bella. It was such a gratifying feeling finding that home for Bella that Georgyne decided that was her calling... that she wanted to work in rescue to help find homes for other homeless animals.

Georgyne became a volunteer with Lifeline For Pets a couple of months later. Georgyne then started taking care of the cats on the Paramount lot, she would take in the kittens and friendly adults, get them ready for adoption and find them homes. She trapped the wild adult cats, got them spayed or neutered and released them back on the Paramount lot. Georgyne founded Precious Paws in 2002 as a registered non-profit group who's sole purpose is to make a difference in the lives of these amazing animals, each one with their own story, life and love to give to a special person or family.

LEANN MOEN - Vice President

LeAnn Moen began her career as Executive Assistant to Hugh Hefner at the Playboy Mansion. From that position she went on to be the assistant for Richard Perry of Planet Records, who was the most renowned producer in the field of popular music during the 1970s working with recording artists such as The Pointer Sisters, Rod Stewart, Barbara Streisand, to name a few. She then moved on to promoting concerts in Honolulu for five years, then moved back to California to work for we
ll known record producer, Bob Ezrin, who produced “The Wall” for Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper, among many others. Then moved on to work for the CEO and COO of the House Of Blues for six years. Currently she is working for the Chairman of Ticketmaster, Terry Barnes.

LeAnn was in a girl group, SWEETALK, that was produced by Bobby Sherman in the early 80’s. They recorded in Bobby’s home studio. There were 3 girls that sang 3-part harmony. The group broke up before they released the LP. LeAnn still stays in touch with the girls and Bobby.

LeAnn met Georgyne when Georgyne contacted LeAnn to get concert tickets for Michael Piller in 2003 and for some reason they started talking about cats, oh what a surprise. Not only did Georgyne get the concert tickets for Michael, but Precious Paws gained a new friend! LeAnn began by soliciting for donations from her friends and co workers to help bail out shelter cats. LeAnn did such a fantastic job she was given the position of Director of Fundraising in 2007.  In 2010 she was elected Vice President.  LeAnn has the unique ability to find homes for the hard to place cats. For example, in 2008, alone, LeAnn has pulled and found homes for about 15 adult and senior cats that were on death row at our local city animal control facilities. LeAnn also helps at our adoption events and fosters one or two shelter rescues.


Paula is currently working on keeping our website as current as possible.   She's a mother of one son born in 1980, a grandmom to one and a cat mom to “ a couple of cats”.  
For approximately 20 years she was a landlord and property manager, running the family rental business.  She is also a Registered Dental Assistant and was a photographer for Hi Torque publications.

Paula became a volunteer with Lifeline For Pets when one of Lifeline’s volunteers gave Paula a
kitten without collecting an adoption fee.   Paula offered to volunteer her time to work off the $40 adoption fee.  That was in 1991.  Paula quickly became an Lifeline's go-to bottle-baby / unweaned kitten foster parent.  She is now OUR expert on Bottle Babies.   Paula has also been involved during the maturation of the most well established rescue groups in L.A. County.  There was a time when there was no social networking.  She worked with other groups to get them to work together to disseminate information
via computer, email and that new thing "the internet".  All the hours, all to save the sweet lives of many pets.   Through a fellow volunteer with Lifeline, Jordana Arkin, Paula met Georgyne.  Soon thereafter Georgyne started volunteering with Lifeline.  The rest, as they say, “is history” and is full of "tails, tears, smiles and laughs".  Paula continues her volunteer website involvement with Precious Paws.  She has also designed and built web & social networking sites, for Elayne Boosler's  "Tails Of Joy" and Liz Luster's  "On Shore Foundation", to the specifications of the founders of these rescue organizations.


Suzanne is an Associate Producer for television.  She has worked many shows in her 20 year career such as 'Wings", "Frasier", and "Girlfriends" for Paramount Pictures, as well as "The X-Files" for 20th Century Fox.  Her involvement in animal rescue began during her time on "Wings" where she met Precious Paws' founder, Georgyne.  Also, while at Paramount, Suzanne married Stephen Welke, Co-Producer of "Star Trek: Voyager" and Star Trek's "Enterprise" and most recently "Eureka". 

Currently, Suzanne is raising 2 human daughters, and 2 feline sons.  To make a little "pocket money" during her 'free time' Suzanne is running Memories Custom Finishing.  A service for those involved in needlepoint. 

CARLA ROSELLI - Director, TNR / Ferals

Carla is originally from Chicago.   She got her start in rescue by trapping a feral mom cat with kittens. She found them in an old van in a junkyard behind her film class. In 1997 Carla headed to Los Angeles to work in the film industry. She drove across country with her 2 cats (including one from that old van in the junkyard). Carla got a job at Paramount in 1999 where she still works in the post production /projection dept.  

She met Georgyne at Paramount when she wanted to get involved with helping the cats on the Paramount lot.  The rest is histo
ry.  From 2005 - 2009 Carla served as our Vice President.  But, she wanted to focus her volunteer energies on the need for TNR.    


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