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December 14,  2014 - Holiday Cheers at Theresa's Family Restaurant

Theresa's has a New location

Oh no!  Susan Olsen came down with the flu and was unable to make it.  "Our Heroes", Eric Roberts and Eliza, stepped up and did double duty. 
Our deepest appreciation goes out the them and to our Precious Paws Volunteers.
It was great to see and spend time with old friends, new friends and Facebook friends.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!!!


October  2014
- Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA

Thank you to The Hollywood Show.  Many thanks to Susan Olsen & Robbie Rist.  You guys are really wonderful.  You participate, to benefit and help the rescues, whenever we ask. 



August 25, 2013 - Interviews of "The Brady Bunch" on Oprah's OWN "Where Are They Now"

Thank you to the OWN staff and crew and to Oprah for including pets and pet rescue.  Thanks to Georgyne for making these interviews happen. 
Below are our videos of the show where they showed pets, Petopia and animal artwork.  These segments are not on the OWN page.  To see the OWN segments "Click Here".

Susan Olsen at Petopia talking about her Artwork while holding Bella.  Bella is So. Cal Pomeranian Rescue's mascot.  She visits with their rescues and with one of Valley Cats cats.

Chris Knight at home with his two cats.  Cats he adopted from Precious Paws.  Two handsome boys Titus (white) and Grayson (gray). 
Well, make that three handsome boys including Chris [happy face].  Thank you Chris for adopting these gorgeous Maine Coon mix adult cats and giving them a wonderful home!

May 4 & 5, 2013 - Adoption Event "Cinco De Meow & Bow-Wow-Wow" at Petopia Animal Rescue
With Special Guests:  Elayne Boosler, Susan Olsen & Robbie Rist

There are so many people to thank for this weekend.  So, let me say this first.... If I leave anyone out, I apologize.  Many of you will be grouped into one category but  we know who you are.  This was a big, two day event.  We have a lot of photos.  Thank you to our volunteers, Laura D'Anna, Susan Moran and Ali Cotton for the photo coverage.
Thank you to Petopia and Yvette Berke, Valley Cats Inc and Debbie Regal and ALL their Volunteers.
Thank you to our wonderful celebrities for attending and helping - Elayne Boosler, Susan Olsen and Robbie Rist.  You are A-1 Wonderful to us!
Thank you to our Precious Paws Volunteers for your time, patience, help and support. 
We are pleased to be participating in adoptions at Petopia Animal Rescue in Woodland Hills, CA.

April 24, 2013 - Encounters with Eric & Eliza Roberts --- Guests:  Susan Olsen & Robbie Rist

This was a LIVE Webshow featuring Susan Olsen, Robbie Rist, Yvette Berke co-founder of Petopia Animal Rescue and Georgyne LaLone (founder/president of Precious Paws) to discuss Precious Paws and Valley Cats upcoming pet adoption event, "Cinco De Me-ow & Bow-wow" at the Petopia Adoption Center on May 4th & 5th.  Susan and Robbie also talked about their own lives and what they are doing now.

Thank you to Eric and Eliza!  Thank you to and their staff for this opportunity!  Thank you to Yvette Berke! Thank you to Susan and Robbie, you guys rock as always!

To LISTEN to the ARCHIVE of the SHOW.....  CLICK  HERE!    Their Segment starts at the 46 minute mark  ( 00:46 )


April 6, 2013 - April Fools with Precious Paws @ Theresa's Restaurant (on the 6th of April of course)
With Special Guests, Robbie Rist and David Kaufman

Robbie Rist played 'Cousin Oliver' on "The Brady Bunch", he was the voice of 'Michaelangelo' in the original "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", he is a musician (!) and most recently, the voice of 'Stuffy' on Doc McStuffins plus he's done loads of other things.
IMDB - Robbie Rist

David Kaufman
is the voice of "Danny Phantom", he played 'Duane Preston' in the TV series "Down To Earth", he's the voice of 'Dexter' in "Freakazoid!" and recently the voices of 'Johnny Storm' & 'The Human Torch' on the animated series "The Avengers:  Earth's Mightiest Heroes" plus a whole lot of other things.
IMDB - David Kaufman

We'd like to thank everyone who came by.  On behalf of our precious rescues we deeply appreciate your time and efforts.  Special Thanks goes to Robbie Rist and David Kaufman!  You guys rock!!!  Thank you to the following for their help, participation and patience:  Jeanna Crawford, Suzanne Welke, Jenni Rosen, Lisa Picotte, Nora, Samantha, Sabrina, the staff at Theresa's and Rachel Cabrales.





Contributing Editor Dr. Jordan Schaul, invited the legendary animal rescuers,
the Barbi Twins, to interview other celebrity animal advocates and rescuers.
Nov. 11, 2012.    Here is an interview
with Susan Olsen who played Cindy Brady on the Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch to the Rescue: Interview with Animal Advocate—Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady)

Nov. 29, 2012.    Plus an interview with actor, Eric Roberts. 

 Actor Eric Roberts Talks Animal Rescue.......

Sept. 4 -  Precious Paws' Susan Olsen on Los Angeles TV - KTLA Channel 5

Check out the VIDEO on their website.  (Click on image)

Aug 25 - "Susan Olsen Presents Her Animal Artwork with Special Guest Robbie Rist"

Thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you to Susan, Robbie, All of Precious Paws' Volunteers & Student Volunteers, Theresa's Staff, guests, diners, donators and everyone else and anyone we have forgotten!

Aug 14 - The TODAY Show on NBC - Featuring Susan Olsen

Precious Paws would like to "Thank" The TODAY SHOW, NBC, Jill Rappaport, segment producer, Curtis Vogel & staff.  Also, our Volunteers for their help, the Hollywood Show, Mike Lookinland, Chris Knight & Robbie Rist.  Our photos of the April 2012 Hollywood Show event can be found below.

To Watch The Segment Please Go To

"Former Brady Bunch Star Helps Animals In Need"

May 11 - "A Night With Susan Olsen & Her Art" at Theresa's Family Restaurant

To ALL who helped, to ALL who came & to ALL we have forgotten to mention......" Thank You " !!!!!!!!

April 28 - "Cause For Paws 2" at Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach - Presented by Pink Kitty Radio

Many, many Thank Yous go out to Jennifer & Crissy.  In addition, they go out to everyone involved at Hamburger Mary's and Pink Kitty Radio.  You were all so wonderful.  Susan brought her artwork to sell and that was successful too.  A thank you to Carla & Georgyne for helping Precious Paws.  The show was fun and kept smiles on our faces. Our Precious Paws photographer couldn't make it at the last we want to thank Pink Kitty Radio Productions for the use of their photos here!  


Just a quick note:  On behalf of Precious Paws I'd like to THANK our celebrity friends and supporters:  Susan Olsen, Robbie Rist, Christopher Knight & Mike Lookinland.  I also want to THANK our Volunteers & celebs for all their time, fun, help, laughs & patience. Thanks to Georgyne, Jeanna & Nora, Tommy & Anthony, Suzanne, Samantha & Sabrina, Michael & LeAnn.  Plus Jordan & Tristin (for doggie sitting). 

Thank you fans and The Hollywood Show for making this weekend very enjoyable!

Yours In Purrs,
Precious Paws

March 24 & 25 - Hollywood Show - CHICAGO

Thank you to our out of state volunteers for all their hard work.
Our continued deep appreciation to Barry, Chris, Mike & Susan for their time and support.



Nov. 19  =  Hollywood Show - LAS VEGAS !!! 

One day only.  We arrived a day early and went and had some fun.  The show was poorly advertised but we did have a lot of people visiting all of us.  Then we went out and had some more fun.  Hey, it's Vegas, baby!!!   Many thank yous to our friends and volunteers.  Thanks to Ginny & Tina for flying in to help!  Even more appreciation to our celebrities for their participation and letting us tag along.

Nov. 12  =  Celebrating Lori Golden and 12 Years of The Pet Press

We had a party to celebrate this fantastic FREE publication and it's creator / editor.  Read some of the celebrity interviews from the past 12 years at their website:

Susan Olsen and Elayne Boosler came by to celebrate and present Lori with an award of THANKS from the RESCUE COMMUNITY.  We'd like to thank everyone who came.  Here's to another dozen years!!!  Thank you Lori !!!!!

Nov. 5  =  "Basic Black" Adoption Event  at Petco in Glendale

We held a special Black Cat Adoption Event.  The photos below were taken before the event began.  Many thanks to all our volunteers who showed up to help.  The "stars" of our event were most of our available black cats;  young and adult, long and short haired.  They generated a lot of interest and got a lot of attention.

Our "Basic Black" Poster was created by Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady). 

Sept. 16  =  Birthday Bash Fundraiser at Theresa's Family Restaurant  in Burbank, CA

Celebrating the Birthdays of Georgyne La Lone * Precious Paws' Founder & President *  and  LeAnn Moen  * Precious Paws' Vice President *.   Thank you to Rene & Theresa's tireless, patient staff, everyone who came, everyone who helped,  and to those who donated both money as well as blankets & towels.  We appreciate everything more than we can say! 

SPECIAL GUESTS:  Susan Olsen "Cindy Brady" and Lisa Lillien "Hungry Girl".  
HUNGRY GIRL Lisa Lillien, came by for a couple of hours.  Taste testing all kinds of Theresa's yummy food!   She was joined by her friends, Jason and Shawn.

We had a SILENT AUCTION:  Tickets to the Gospel Brunch at House of Blues Sunset Strip, Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Big Bang Theory and Mike and Molly!    Thank you Carol Leifer, Tony Hicks and LeAnn Moen for donating these tickets for our auction!  Congratulations to the winners.

PHOTO BOOTH PICS! Thank you Mario and Laura D'Anna for generously donating your time and photo booth for our event!    Anyone interested in renting a photo booth for an event, let us know!

Daniel Hausmann, Our Student Volunteer came by too.   He created our "Don't Kill Unwanted Pets At Shelters" cause page that has raised thousands for us over the past two years. He is an amazing young man and we are better for having him in our group. We all love you Daniel!

July 16 & 17  =  The Hollywood Show    At The Burbank Airport Marriott in Burbank, CA

Wow!  We had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and met a lot of fantastic people.  Familiar faces and many new ones too.  Thanks everyone for coming by and supporting Precious Paws!!!

We are once again thanking our wonderful Susan Olsen "Cindy Brady" for her generosity.  All funds raised by Susan went to help the rescues.  We are really struggling right now.  No money is coming in and yet the rescues need food, vet visits, meds, care and more. 

Thank you to our "tireless" volunteers,
Susan of course, Paula Robertson, Fred Miller, Ginny Renta, David Tweet & Georgyne LaLone.  Much appreciation to the many celebrities who came by and lended their support as well.  

Thank you Dave & Kevin & The Hollywood Show for another wonderful event.   See you in November in Las Vegas!

     Gregory Harrison (Trapper John & Falcon Crest)                                            Sandra Giles & Sandra Piller
     Denise Nickerson (Willy Wonka)     Bart Braverman         Frankie Montiforte         John Schneider    
     Jay North  (Dennis The Menace)     Ronnie Schell            Eric Shea

July 8  =  "Kitty Kegger" @ Theresa's Family Restaurant

Thank you once again to everyone who had a part in organizing, working at, volunteering for or participating in this fundraising event. 
Theresa's Family Restaurant is located in Burbank, CA.  A very big note of appreciation to Rene and Theresa's for hosting our Kitty Kegger. 

Photos courtesy of Precious Paws volunteers, Steve Wishnoff's Facebook Album & Dennis McLain's Facebook Album.


August 8 =  "Hugs & Kisses Fund's 1st Annual Paws for a Cause"

Precious Paws was cordially invited to attend Warren Eckstein's fundraising event at the Sportsmen's Lodge in Studio City, CA.  Thank you to Warren & Denise, Elayne Boosler, Lori Golden, Dr. Carol Skaar DVM and our volunteers in attendance:  Georgyne, Paula, & Susan Olsen.  The evening included Entertainment by Roslyn Kind (Barbara Striesand's Sister) and Elayne Boosler (

July  =  Los Angeles Times - CHASE  Facebook Contest Winners

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated and voted.  Thanks to you we came in as one of the top non-profits and received a grant from Chase.

Click to See Half Page Ad / Article from July 29, 2010

July 24 =  "The Bobby Sherman Fan Club"

Thank you to those who made this event possible:  Our volunteer, Carla Roselli and Projectionist Ken Loakes
Precious Paws was able to host a showing of "Sanchez of Bel Aire" plus DVDs of Bobby Sherman at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, CA. for the "Bobby Babes".  Everyone had a long day but they certainly enjoyed themselves.  Our very own Precious Paw,  Susan Olsen,  was there to chat with the ladies and sign autographs too.

June 28 =  "A Cause For Paws"

Thank you to those who made this event possible.  Pink Kitty Radio, Jennifer and Chrissy, the "Kitties" and Hamburger Mary's in Long Beach.
   Thank you to Richard Cesena and to for the Photos via Facebook.  A super big thank you goes out to Susan for signing autographs. 

We deeply appreciate everyone's efforts to raise funds for our non-profit.  Times are desperate and all fundraising events are precious.  Meow and Woof --- we had a good time too.  Thanks to everyone who came to the event. 

June 26 = Hollywood Show  "The Gallery" - Grand Opening

Once agan, thank you to the Hollywood Show, Kevin and Dave, for inviting us to be a part of your store's Grand Opening Event.  Precious Paws appreciates the opportunity to raise funds.  Our volunteer, Susan Olsen was pleased to be a part of the opening and we all enjoyed connecting with Baywatch star Erika Eleniak.  Thank you to the other two members of our "Media Events" crew Paula & Georgyne

April 24 & 25 = The Hollywood Show    At The Burbank Airport Marriott in Burbank, CA

Thank you to the Hollywood Show, Dave and Kevin, for your generosity.
Much appreciation to everyone, public and celebrity,  who stopped by and double to those who contributed to our donation jar or paid for a picture or autograph.
Gracias, Gratzi and Thank you to our volunteer Susan "Cindy Brady" Olsen for her always patient, loving and giving nature. 
Super sized big nods to our Precious Paws Volunteer Team for the two day event:  Georgyne La Lone, Paula Robertson, Tina Howard and Mike Skelly. 
Tina is one of our out of state volunteers. 



November 5 to 15  =  Online Celebrity Experiences & Entertainment Memorabilia Auction

Thank you to everyone who helped with our fantastic auction.  Special thanks to Auction Cause and Ebay.  We managed to raise some very needed funds which will help with the daily care and medical needs of our current rescues.

Check out the Celebrity Videos .  These are the videos a few of our participating celebrities made for our auction. 

The ONLINE CATALOG for this event is still available for viewing. 
Go to  "Precious Paws' Auction Page & Click on the ARCHIVE Link"  to see what was auctioned and the entire list of participating celebrities.

September 5 - October 7 =The Cat Genie Store at the Hollywood & Highland Center, Hollywood, CA
All of us with Precious Paws are very pleased to have had the opportunity to be a part of the Cat Genie Store.  We want to thank everyone involved. 
Find out more about the Cat Genie at their website.

Warren Eckstein broadcasted his radio show - The Pet Show - at the Cat Genie Store.
He interviewed Susan for the Show.

August 6 - 9 = Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas

The July-August Issue of "The Pet Press" featured an article about Susan Olsen.  Written by Elayne Boosler. 

July 18 & 19 = Hollywood Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott
Autographs, Celebrities and more.

We deeply appreciate the participation of
Adrianne Curry-Knight, Christopher Knight, Susan Olsen,
Robbie Rist, Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland.
Many thanks to Ginny for flying in from Chicago to help.

Check out the article at Marty Krofft's site

Check Out This YouTube Video, Showing Susan & Others, Done At This Event

July 2
We want to THANK our Performers,
Bobby Oliver, Geri Jewell, Joey Friedman, Michael Levin and Susan Olsen.
And extend our deepest APPRECIATION to the Producer,
Chesscat Productions and Sharon Ellen Burtman.
And to The Ice House in Pasadena.

To the Precious Paws Volunteers & Friends who attended and assisted....
"Hugs & Purrs" of Thanks to Each of You!!!
YOU made the night a success!

May 2 & 3

Mar. 9 = The Rachael Ray Show
(Rerun:  August 24, 2009)
Mystery Taster Monday - Classic TV Cast - The Brady Bunch.  During the "Sound Off" portion of the show Precious Paws was mentioned.  Check out The Rachael Ray Show page.

Feb. 14 & 15 = The Hollywood Collectors Show in Burbank
on Valentines Weekend

We had a table and our volunteer, Susan "Cindy Brady" Olsen,  along with Robbie "Cousin Oliver" Rist and David "Danny Phantom" Kaufman signed autographs.  A portion of the proceeds went to Precious Paws.  We had celebrities coming by to say "Hi" too.

Bobby Sherman                 Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reuben

Check Out This YouTube Video, Showcasing Susan, Done At This Event


The video below was part of Fox Network's "Gimme My Reality Show".   It was the third required video for the show's competition.  To see the first two videos...
VIDEO #1  @  My Space Video   -   "Kittens In Peril"
VIDEO # 2 @  You Tube - Publicity Stunt, yes, "stunt".  At the Ivy Restaurant in Hollywood.

July 29, 2008 -  Celebrity Family Feud -
"Team Knight " played for  PRECIOUS  PAWS  and Breast Cancer Research

Christopher Knight
Adrianne Curry
Andrea Brooks
Nick Curry
Christine Curry

Adrianne Curry was the winner of the first season of "America's Next Top Model" and is
married to Christopher Knight (Peter Brady on "The Brady Bunch.")
Both are featured on the reality show "My Fair Brady."