The Orange "KITTINI"

by Christine J Head
"Cheers to Kitty Rescue"

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Limited Edition of 1000

Precious Paws will receive a portion of the proceeds from each poster sold.

ABOUT THE ARTIST:     Christine J Head


"....the very first cat poster I've done!" - Christine J Head

Christine J Head’s sought-after, limited edition prints and posters have helped numerous rescues raise much needed funds.

Initially, Christine did "hands-on" rescue work, housing several foster dogs and going through the painstaking process of finding the right permanent home for each of these dogs who already found a permanent place in her heart. Eventually, her interests in the creative arts and canine needs combined and she discovered the best way to apply her talents to raise money and awareness for animal rescue.

Christine started The Puppy Sketches in 1999 and has been contributing to rescue organizations ever since by creating original and limited edition posters. Originally, her beautiful portraits of dogs in need of urgent medical care and adoption accompanied by the dog’s poignant story, raised thousands of dollars for individual rescues.

Currently, Christine’s focus is on highly stylized vintage/Art Nouveau-style posters prints that raise money for multiple breed rescues. These posters are sold almost exclusively through rescue organizations.  Some notable animal lovers and celebrities who collect her work include actresses Jorja Fox (star of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation") and Mary Steenburgen, (star of many movies, most recently "The Proposal" and is married to Ted Danson) and Comedienne Elayne Boosler.