* DOG OWNERS GUIDE - all kinds of information about living with and loving dogs.

* Pet Information in SPANISH: 
--->>>  For Cats / Por Gatos - CATS INC. -- Gatos, gatitos y gatotes!  For some reason the link for this site will sometimes not work.  You will need to enter it yourself

--->>>  For Dogs / Por Perros - TODO PERROS

* Lifeline For Pets - Cat & Dog Rescue.

* Heads 2 Tails Foundation - Cat Rescue

* Life 4 Paws - Dog Rescue

* Tails of Joy Foundation - Financial assistance to smaller rescue organizations.  Founder:  Elayne Boosler.

* The Animal Rescue Site will receive funding from it's sponsors if you click Every Day!

* LifeGem for Pets - Love Lives On.  Memorialize your pet.  LifeGem, understands that pets are cherished companions and unconditionally loving family members.

* The Refined Feline - We have one of the litter boxes and no one who visits knows it's a kitty privy.   We are happy to announce a new partnership with The Refined Feline.  10% of your purchases will go back to our organization.  Climbing trees, litter boxes & more.   Check their sister site too....

* The Refined Canine  Doggie beds.  Very modern and no carpet fuzz debris! 

* Healthy Paws - owned & operated by Dawn Terhoeve.  Premium Pet Food, Supplies, Cat Adoptions, Pet Grooming & Pet Massage.

* The Pet Press - published by Lori Golden.  FREE newspaper found in many locations throughout Los Angeles County.  A great resource for information.  Phone numbers & websites of rescue organizations, low-cost spay/neuter locations, city & county shelter locations, pet sitters, groomers and oh, so, much more!  Celebrity Cover Stories available online. 

* Warren Eckstein - 'The Pet Show' - Online & On The Radio.  America's most trusted pet expert and pet humorist.  Warren will answer your pet questions and the website has a lot of good info already available for you.

*  The Cat Genie - the greatest cat box!!!  Self flushing and self cleaning.  We really love these cat boxes. They are purr-fect for our times.  There are a lot of reasons to buy one but the best is ..... NO NEED TO SCOOP! [LOL] What could be better?

*  Hugs 'n Lubs Pet Sitting - Cameron County, Texas.  Owned and operated by Kristie.  Kristie adopted Sprinkles from Carol with, our sister/parent group, Lifeline For Pets.  But, Precious Paws had a hand (bottle feeding that is) in raising Sprinkles when she was just born.  Kristie is a skilled and caring pet owner and caretaker.  We would entrust any of our furry kids into her care at any time.

*  Operation Blankets of Love  - Donations to OBOL help pets.  Donations go towards the purchase of blankets for rescue organizations and shelters.  Or you can donate blankets, towels and so forth directly to them.  Find out more about this fantastic effort you are sure to get behind.  "Studies determined that shelter animals given blankets and comforters relax, feel happy, safe, secure and warm."

*  Animazonia  - Animazonia Wildlife Foundation is an all-volunteer sanctuary dedicated to providing a permanent home and nurturing care for rescued exotic animals, primarily big cats. We strive to deepen public awareness of the plight of exotic animals who experience abuse or senseless breeding in captivity or extinction in the wild. 

*  Pet Friendly Rentals from Elena Hall - Featuring rentals primarily in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern CA.  Contact Elena if you need to find a new place that you can take your pets to.

*  Lovely - Searching for Pet Friendly Rentals?  Lovely is a website and mobile app where renters can search all available apartment listings nationwide.  An easy, interactive search tool that allows renters to specifically filter their search by pet friendly rentals as they look for a place.

* - All things Dog and more.

* - All things Cat and more.

* The FACE Foundation - Financial assistance to animal owners who are unable to cover the full cost of their pet's critical or emergency veterinary care.

* MyApartmentMap - This is a housing search web site, with pet friendly listings all over the USA.  From Katie Reardon, it's founder:  "I created
this web site after searching for an apartment that would accept my Jack Russell Daisy, and my Beagle Jerry. As a pet owner I found it difficult to find pet friendly apartments,
 and wanted to help other pet owners find a home quick and easy."

* - The world's first apartment-matching engine. For pet owners, the inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of animal abandonment. You can modify your search for just pet friendly housing on our website by checking the “Pet Policy” option from the “Advanced” tab at the top of the page. With over 1.8 million listings nationwide, and a breakdown of the neighborhoods in each city, they are a wonderful free resource for pet owners to use to find pet friendly housing.

* - Apartments & Houses for Rent - Our inventory is updated in real-time so you’ll always see new rentals on Zumper first.  They even have a wonderful Pet Info page.....  "How To Rent Pet Friendly Apartments/Houses"   CHECK  IT  OUT!  A  MUST  READ  FOR  RENTERS!

* -  PadMapper is similar to Zumper, as we're also a great free resource for anyone from college students to professors for looking to find an apartment.  Check them out. 



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