Fall 2010

2nd  Annual  Celebrity  Experiences  &

Entertainment  Memorabilia  Auction


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1.  CONCERT  TICKETS  -  NOTE:  If there are ANY Differences between information on this page and information on our Ebay Auction Page, for the same item, the correct information will be on our Ebay Auction Page.

2 VIP Tickets to a Bon Jovi Concert

in the Southern

California area

in the Spring of 2011

and a Back Stage

Meet and Greet

with Richie Sambora 


2 VIP Tickets to a Bon Jovi Concert

in   Las Vegas

in the Spring of 2011

This auction item includes a Swag bag, which has

an Autographed Picture of the Entire Band,

Shirts,  Hats  and More!


3.  Lunches

Lunch with Susan Olsen & Erin Murphy

Susan Olsen     
Susan Olsen is endearingly best know for her role as  "Cindy Brady" on the "The Brady Bunch".  She has also spent ten years as a graphic artist.  Susan, divorced in 2004, has one son.  Susan
launched a coffee table book in 2009 entitled, "Love to Love You Bradys: the bizarre story of The Brady Bunch Variety Hour" with co authors Ted Nichelson and Lisa Sutton. The publication is a satirical and benevolent look back the Bradys' 1976-77 variety show that was named to TV Guide's top five 'Worst Shows of All-Time'.  She has recently appeared on the soap opera "The Young & The Restless".

Erin Murphy      
Erin began her career while still in diapers.  Right before her second birthday, ABC came calling, and Erin was cast as little witch "Tabitha Stephens" on the top ten sitcom, BewitchedDuring her teens, Erin modeled and did numerous commercials.  As an adult, Erin has worked as a casting director, a makeup artist, a fashion stylist, an acting teacher, a motivational speaker and even as a stunt double.  You can see her on Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT as the Mistress of Mayhem (otherwise known as MOM)!  Outside of entertainment, Erin is most proud of her role as mom to six (no typo!) boys and wife to husband Darren (yes that’s really his name!).


Lunch with Eric Roberts


Eric Roberts is an Academy Award â nominee for his role in Runaway Train and a three-time Golden Globe â nominee for Runaway Train, Star 80 and King of the Gypsies. He also won a Golden Satellite Award for the 2002 season of Less Than Perfect. 

He also made a profound impact in the Emmy nominated television adaptation of Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, directed by Jonathan Kaplan and co-starring Anthony Edwards and starred in La Cucaracha, which won Best Film at the Austin Film Festival in 1998, and for which Eric won Best Actor in the New York Independent Film Festival that same year. Eric’s starring role in the film, It’s My Party, received critical acclaim at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival.  

Eric has diversified very recently, appearing in Sophie Muller’s Mr. Brightside video for The Killers, Brett Ratner’s video for Mariah Carey’s Emancipation of Mimi – Both award winners, and the Akon and Eminem video for Smack That

Other notable performances include his roles in Final Analysis, The Pope of GreenwichVillage, Raggedy Man, Babyfever, Heaven’s Prisoners, The Specialist and The Grave.  Eric Roberts was recently seen in Chris Nolan’s Batman – The Dark Knight, along with one of the most incredible casts ever assembled. This follows a stint on Heroes – A job that ranks as one of Eric’s favorites. Eric strives to be associated with more comedy, hence will be appearing in a Larry The Cable Guy movie, Witless Protection.  He recently played the villian "James Munroe"  in "Expendables".

Roberts was born in Biloxi, Mississippi and grew up in and around the Atlanta, Georgia area.  He began his
career as an actor in his late teens in New York City.  In 1989 Eric won the Theatre World Award for his role on Broadway in Burn This.  He returned to the New York stage in 2003 in The Exonerated, which he appeared in as part of their touring company as well.

Find out more about Eric at his website:  ERIC ROBERTS WEBSITE.



(From Roddenberry.com)
Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry
Eugene Wesley Roddenberry, Jr., known as Rod, was born into a family empire that is adored by fans worldwide. He is the son of legendary science fiction producer Gene Roddenberry, whose television series,
Star Trek, changed the face of television. Balancing his personal creativity with the responsibility of his family legacy, it is Rod's ambition to be the guardian of his father's ideals as well as a champion of their introduction to a new generation. Although Rod resisted going into the family business throughout his teenage years, hints of him starting to follow in his father's footsteps were evident even at a young age. He quenched his thirst for space and astronomy working as a Telescope Operator at the Mt. Wilson Observatory during the summers.  Rod spent time teaching children to scuba dive at a camp in Big Pine Key, Florida, encouraging them to explore the unknown worlds below the ocean's surface.  And during his years at Harvard-Westlake School, Rod first dipped his foot into the entertainment industry as a Production Assistant on several of the Star Trek series.

Find Out More About Rod a
t   Roddenberry.Com

Lunch with Drew Tyler Bell

Drew Bell was born in Indiana and spent the majority of his childhood in Ohio. His natural ability to entertain found an outlet in theatre, song, and dance. After participating in many theatre productions and dance troupes, he decided to pursue a career in Hollywood.

Drew has made various television appearances, most notably on the television series
Jake 2.0.  He also made his feature film debut in Jeepers Creepers 2, which was released in August of 2003.  Drew has appeared in several TV shows including  CSI, Desperate Housewives & 90210.  He played Thomas Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful.  At the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards he won Best Younger Actor ina Daytime Drama for The Bold & the Beautiful. 

In his free time, Drew enjoys practicing his two main passions of music and dance. He enjoys singing as well as playing a variety of musical instruments including guitar, violin and piano, which he is classically trained in. His dance training is extensive and he is accomplished in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and tap. He is a member of the Los Angeles tap troupe Tap Sound Underground.



ONE  OF  A  KIND !!!


Made By Beverly Hills Chopper

 A custom designed midi chopper of Adrianne Curry's first Playboy layout airbrushed on the chopper, donated to Precious Paws by Adrianne Curry.


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