FIV - Faqs vs Fiction

FIV should NOT be a Death Sentence for A Cat

These are the usual arguments for euthanasing FIV positive cats:

  • that FIV infected cats have a shorter life span than uninfected cats - NOT TRUE
  • that FIV infected cats are more likely to become sick - NOT PROVEN
  • that FIV infected cats are a danger to negative cats - NOT IF THEY ARE FRIENDLY WITH EACH OTHER

Here are our favorite Links & PDFs:

   FIV:  Catching A Bad Case Of Rumors

    FIV Report from Cornell University

   Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

  A study done and the results published at   The last two or three sentences are the results.

    Cohabitating Cats - FIV+ & FIV-


What can I write that the links to the left don't cover?

Some of the prettiest cats I have ever seen have been FIV Positive.  A handsome silver tabby Maine Coon mix back in the '90's.  He was adopted and lived to be 12 years.  A pretty little Siamese who was kept by her rescuer and is still alive today - 7 years since diagnosed with FIV.

When FIV was first being diagnosed (lalte '80's early '90's) no one knew too much about the disease in cats.  So, the cats were usually euthanized.  Sadly we now know that we didn't need to do that.  Cats with FIV can lead very normal kitty lives, can live with other friendly cats and deserve all the love we can give them and they will give it right back.

A diagnosis of FIV is no reason to euthanize at cat or to not have that cat as a member of your family and home.

An FIV vaccine has been developed; however there are questions as to its effectiveness vs its benefits.

From About Cats:  "If your cat has been diagnosed as FIV-positive, you'll want to work very closely with your veterinarian in designing a management program. For cats with no other symptoms, and otherwise generally good health, this might simply be a matter of ensuring he gets a sound diet, possibly with added vitamins, anti-oxidants, and Omega 3/ Omega 6 fatty acids, as well as prompt, aggressive treatment of infections and other conditions as they crop up. Even flea control is important, as fleas transmit a number of other parasites."

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(October 2012)
"A diagnosis of FIV
is NO reason to euthanize at cat,
or to NOT have that cat
as a member of your family and home.
" ~PP

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