"Tragic Fire Kills Cats"



Three years ago, Precious Paws, rescued a one year old kitty named Misty.  She had been thrown out on the street by her owners when they moved.  Misty was very scared on the street, therefore a neighbor, of her irresponsible owners, took Misty in to their care.

Misty had ended up getting pregnant during her short time living on the street.   Misty gave birth to five adorable babies.  About that time, a nice couple, who had already adopted a kitten from Precious Paws, asked us to help their neighbor with this cat and kittens.   We adopted out the kittens and found a foster home for Misty.  Then, after weeks of taking Misty back and forth to our adoption events,   Misty's foster mom, JC, found that she had fallen so much in love with her that she adopted Misty from us.

Sadly, Saturday night (August 28th, 2010),  Misty died at the young age of four, in a house fire.  The early evening fire gutted her mom's home.  No humans were home.   Misty died of smoke inhalation dispite the fantastic efforts of the firemen.  The neighbors said they tried so hard to save each kitty.  Misty died along with a few of her buddies and two four month old kittens that were being fostered by Misty's mom.  The kittens were at set to be placed in their forever home in the upcoming week.

A  few survived (9/2 = See their UPDATE below), including one kitty, Rex, who, right now, is struggling for his life at an emergency vet.   He was taken over there Saturday night.

Precious Paws went over to the house on Sunday
and it was a heart breaking sight.  Not only were the kitties dead but almost everything in the house is gone.      

Precious Paws would like to help alleviate some of the stress on Misty's owner, JC, by helping to pay for the emergency vet clinic's bill.  Plus the cost of Misty and her buddies' cremation & cedar box.

Even if you can spare a dollar - every dollar will help.  With everyone's help we could handle the vet bill for Misty's mom.

August 31, 2010:


Here is Rex at the emergency vet's.  It's after midnight, Tuesday morning, August 31.   He is off of the oxygen and now eating on his own.  His vision might be affected, not yet sure.  He is doing much better and might be going home on Tuesday afternoon.

The bill will probably end up being around $1,500.00

Please pray for this surviving kitty and
for what is ahead for

September 1, 2010

We are sad to report that Rex is suddenly not doing well.  A humane choice may need to be made.

From our Facebook Cause Page: 
Rex is a four year old, brown tabby male.   He has been in the emergency clinic since Saturday night.  He was on oxygen and IV fluids until Monday afternoon; he would not put weight on his front paws or even eat on his own until Monday evening.  He was showing some progress when late Tuesday evening when his mom was supposed to come to bring him home, he suffered a seizure, therefore he is back on IV fluids and staying at the emergency vet right now.

As of yesterday his medical bill was up to $1,500.00 and now we don’t know how much higher it will go.


September 2, 2010

Sadly Rex was put to sleep last evening.  His owner, JC, did not want him to continue to suffer.  ALL, all of the above information and everything about the fire is starting to hit home with the kitties mom, JC.  It is becoming overwhelming for her.


(It seems the suffering just won't end.)

In talking to JC last evening about Rex we asked how her other kitties are doing.  Remember, they too were given oxygen by the fire department Saturday night and responded to the therapy sufficiently to be released from the emergency vet's office that night.

These two kitties now seem to be experiencing respiratory problems and they are going to be going to the vet for exams and x-rays.  This is just so sad, on top of Misty, Rex and the other deaths. 



The last time we spoke with JC ... the two kitties mentioned in the last update above..... well, they are doing just fine. 

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the vet bill.  And many thanks to all those who kept in touch with us sending their prayers and grief support.   

JC had a Wish List for kitty items she needed. (Everything burned in the fire.)  Many of the items on that Wish List were provided to her.  Thank you to those who helped with that as well.