"Kittens  In  The  Alley"
I know many of you are aware of our financial situation and that we cannot afford a project like this right now. Our baby kitten / bottle baby fosters are currently unemployed and unable to shoulder the necessary costs for these babies.  Yet we couldn't turn our backs on this situation.   We COULD NOT let them die.
* FEB. 2010:  The kittens have had their share of medical needs (colds, wormings, shots, meds & diarrhea).  They NOW need to be Spayed/Neutered.  A procedure and cost that we need to cover ASAP!!

 If you can help us out that would be great, if you can network this information we would really appreciate it, and / or if you could make a donation it would really help us care for these "Kittens FROM The Alley".

*MARCH  2010  UPDATE:  For those who have asked us about Cassidy.  We have sad news.  Cassidy passed away.  He was such a cute cat.  He became ill and even with all of our TLC and veterinary help he did not pull through.  We are saddened at his passing but we gave him a happy & safe short life, filled with lots of love .

*MAY 20, 2010:   GOOD  NEWS  UPDATE!!!
The only kitty that has not been adopted yet is Warren.  ALL of the others have been ADOPTED by wonderful families and persons.  We are so happy.  We want to thank everyone who helped with these kittens and who took an interest in them.

Warren is very skittish.  He does not want to be held or handled.  He would do well as a pet for your pet.  A companion.  So long as you do not expect him to be a cat you can cuddle with or that will sit on your lap.  He may mellow with age (many do!) or calm down within the right home.  Sadly his memories of mean people in those dangerous days of his very early life have left a scar upon his heart & in his mind.



All adopted cats are doing well in their new homes.  Two have moved to Arizona in fact. 

Warren is still with us.  He is much too skittish for placement.  He loves his fellow cats and enjoys their company.  We get in a lucky petting or two when he comes for food.  Warren is happy being a cat's cat.  He knows he is safe and we are all happy.

Miss Pebbles is now Georgyne's own personal cat.  Georgyne had the love of her life kitty pass away and Pebbles now has some very big shoes to fill.  Pebbles is a Princess!  She is very much a one woman cat!  She knows she is Georgyne's and she is proud of it.