"Bella  &  Her  Babies"


May 30, 2010

Bella was born in August 2009.  As I write this, that makes her
just TEN months old.  She is still very much a kitten.  Bella was raised and lived as an indoor cat.  She was dumped on the street when her owner moved out of her house because it had been foreclosed on. The owner did not spay or neuter any of the cats she had.  Bella was pregnant and ready to have a litter of kittens.   She was so terrified, never having been outdoors before, she was hiding under a car, she didn't know what it was like to be outside.  

A very caring neighbor, who happens to be disabled, brought Bella and her buddies in off the street.  That's when they noticed Bella was bulging with pregnancy.  The caring neighbor's friend took Bella.  Two days later, April 25th, Bella had five babies.   While the friend cared very much about this mom and babies, he was desperate to find a group to take them in because he was leaving town for work and could not care for them.   He went to Petfinder and emailed all of the local rescue groups for help, they all turned him down. When we received the email, he was so caring about these cats that we told him we would take them in.

Right now the Black Kittens are hard to tell apart.  So we have color coded safe collars on them.  The girls are "Pink" & "Yellow".  The boys are "Purple", "Orange" and the Siamese mix.

We, Precious Paws, had made a board decision, due to the amount of cats we already had that we would not take in kittens this year.  But we have been receiving many inquiries from people wanting kittens from us and we had none.  So, we took them in. They are being fostered by one of our board members, Susan Olsen ("Cindy Brady" - The Brady Bunch).  There are four black kittens and one seal point Siamese kitten. Two of the black babies are female and the other three are boys. Therefore, we are now asking for donations  to go towards the medical and care for Bella and Her Babies.

It gets expensive when you have a litter this size.   We need to feed them, get them all Spayed/Neutered, Blood Tested for FIV / FELV, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Dewormed, and so forth.   It all adds up, our Donation Fee in no way covers the expenses of what it costs us to prepare a kitten for adoption.  It also depends on how long we have them in our care before we find their forever home.

UPDATE:  June 22, 2010

Names!  We have Names!  Susan has come up with names for the kittens.  See the Photos Below!

UPDATE:  July 21, 2010

Bella was spayed earlier this week.  She is doing well.  A bit sore but that will go away in a couple more days.  The kittens have been sharing a kitty cold.  They are on antibiotics and will be done with it soon.  

Bella has been adopted and is living a happy life.
All of the kittens have finally been spayed or neutered. 
They are also up on Petfinder. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards the costs of this family.  It's amazing how fast the dollars add up when you have six that need a series of first vaccinations (that's 6 shots per kitten), parasite treatments (worms, fleas & ear mites), blood testing and spay/neuter surgeries.  Plus the usual occasional cold (antibiotics) and a vet check-ups. 

We did not get that many donations toward their needs (we only got enough to cover almost two cats).   
This is why we have not been able to get them ready for adoptions before now!!!  This is why YOUR donations are so important to us!!!


Paulina, Stuart and Johnny were the models for our "Basic Black" Artwork done by Susan Olsen.  Since that time Paulina was adopted.  So, now in January only Stuart and Johnny are still available for adoption.


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