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In Glendale, CA

Cats are currently
shown by
appointment only
(and not on Holiday Weekends)


Petco - Glendale
231 N. Glendale Blvd.
Glendale, CA  91206

(corner of Glendale Blvd & California, in the shopping center  near Nordstrom Rack)

Be Sure To Check With
To Be Sure We Are Having
 An Adoption Event.
Things come up which may make it necessary for us to cancel.

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Our pets DO NOT stay at Petco.
They are ONLY there during our Adoption Events

shown by Appointment Only

Please Email Us

Our  Vet

Voted As

Dr. Carol Skaar DVM

Toluca Burbank
Dog & Cat Hospital

More About Our Vet
& Our Other Favorite Vets

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* Ongoing EbayGreat Celebrity and Entertainment Memorabilia Items

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Check out the "Lost Fox 009" listings.


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The primary purpose of

 Precious Paws

Our primary purpose is to rescue abandoned and/or abused companion animals. These animals may be found on the streets, in shelters, or even relinquished by their owners. All animals will be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested and healthy before they are placed for adoption into new homes. This will be the main focus of all of our activities. It provides the public with the service of the humane rescue of animals and saves the lives of animals that are in need. These animals will be placed into the homes of our volunteers to be cared for until they are adopted and placed into their new permanent homes. These permanent homes will be found mainly through adoption events which will generally be held at pet stores.

In  Times  of  Desperation…

Today’s economy reflects the desperate state that grips our society.   Jobs are lost and family homes are being foreclosed on leaving people no other alternative than to dump their pets at local animal shelters.   In many cases people are abandoning their pets on the streets, or leaving them in the very homes they are forced to leave as they look for someway to survive.
In Los Angeles County
abandoning a pet is against the law.
Punishable by a fine and time in jail.

The stress of the current economy is unbearable for some and no living creature seems immune to the heart-wrenching decisions that are being made in these troubled times.   Sadly, this is happening nation wide
.  Precious Paws is trying to help when and if we can.  Sadly, we can not do as much as we would like.  In most cases we are unable to help.  But, we do what we can. 
One at a time.  Four paws at a time.

For every animal placed into a new home,
there is a Two Week Trial Period & a Lifetime Return Policy.
We encourage all adopters to contact us at any time
if they have any questions.

All Cats/Kittens are current with their Vaccination series/boosters,
treated for Parasites as needed, Blood Tested for leukemia & FIV,
checked by Vet as needed, Spayed/Neutered, Microchipped,
Two Week Trial Period & a Lifetime Return Policy.

All Dogs/Puppies are current with their Vaccination series/boosters - this may or may not include rabies, treated for Parasites as needed, checked by a Vet as needed, Temperaments noted to the best of the dog's foster's abilities, Microchipped,Spayed/Neutered,
Two Week Trial Period & a Lifetime Return Policy.

" How  Do  I  Adopt ? "

Your decision to adopt rather than buy is fantastic.

Be sure you understand the commitments and responsibilities of owning a pet before you finalize any adoption.  Take a little time - do not rush into an adoption.

PLEASE  read these articles and look over the additional info on their sites:

We also have some old-school fliers that may help ---

When you are ready:  Read our Adoption Procedures.

By the way, in our "Pet Links" section you will find both Cat and Dog information sites.
As well as info in our "411" section.


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